Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.

Wearcoat is a nano -composite coating having the unique combination of low wear rate with dry lubricating low-friction properties. It is ideally suited for sliding surfaces of mechanical devices with improved properties over the currently used coatings. This coating series was originally developed by AS&M as a fretting wear-resistant coating for titanium compressor blades for the U.S. Navy, and is now available for industrial applications.

Features of Wearcoat:
  Coating is cured at temperatures as low as 150° C
  Provides a low-friction, non-stick lubricating film against sliding wear
  High wear resistance even against sliding tungsten carbide counter-face material
  Applicable on various geometries and types of substrate materials

Properties of Wearcoat:
  Long-term wear resistance
  No noticeable wear scar on the coating or the counterface
  Friction coefficient in the range 0.1 to 0.2
  Load bearing in excess of 250 ksi contact pressures
  Adherent and scratch resistant


Pin-on-Disk Test (ASTM G99-95a)
  Pin: 1/8in - 1/2in diameter tungsten carbide or chrome steel ball
  Disk: Uncoated or coated with AS&M's Wearcoat


Scar Morphology of Wear Tested Aluminum Samples
  A. Uncoated ~ 200 Cycles
  B. Coated ~ 1,000,000 Cycles



Scar Morphology of Wear Tested 1010 Steel Samples
  C. Uncoated ~ 500 Cycles
  D. Coated ~ 500,000 Cycles



  Self-lubricating coating
  Thin coating conforms to component shape
  No abrasive wear debris formed
  Smooth finish
  Low modulus coating does not induce substrate cracking
  Simple and easily adaptable technology
  Easy to coat on complex shapes by spraying
  Offers superior economy to Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings


Wearcoat offers excellent benefits on moving engineering components such as seals, bearings and valve seats, valve actuators, kinematic couplings, sleeves, plungers, rings, nozzles, splines, and many sliding surfaces of engineering parts.


Spray-Coated Lever

Spray-Coated Pin