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  • Prime Contract: USAF, Psychological Health Program Evaluation & Data Analysis (PHPEDA) (OASIS Pool 1) (2020-2025)

  • Prime Contract: USCG, C27J Program Management Support (OASIS Pool 1) (2020-2023)

  • Prime Contract: USAF, AFMC, AFRL. AVD, OH, Aerodynamic Validation Capabilities Support (Aval) (OASIS Pool 3) (2016-2022)

  • Prime Contract: NASA LaRC Basic and Applied Aerospace Research Technology (BAART) (2015-2020)

  • Subcontract: NASA LaRC Center Maintenance, Operations, and Engineering (CMOE) (2014-2024)

  • Subcontract: NASA LaRC Technology, Engineering & Aerospace Mission Support (TEAMS3) (2017-2022)

  • Subcontract: NASA LaRC, Science, Technology, and Research Support Service III (STARSS III) (2016-2021)

  • Subcontract: NASA AFRC Engineering and Technical Support Services (ETSS) (2019-2027)

  • Subcontract: NASA GSFC, Space Science and Data Analysis (SESDA) IV (2018-2022)

  • Subcontract: NASA LaRC, Simulation and Aircraft Services (SAS) (2019-2021)

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