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PDF: Wearcoat

- Sliding and fretting wear resistant coating

AS&M's specialty coatings have applications in aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, marine, mineral, mining, oil and gas and waste treatment industries. The coatings are low cost and can easily be applied by spraying at room temperature on different materials, such as metals, ceramics, concrete, plastics, composites and fabrics.

AS&M's coatings have been developed for challenging applications of wear, fretting and erosion.

Erosion is a particularly challenging problem. It occurs in environments laden with dust or with windblown sand or with particulate laden fluids. The problem lies in dissipating the energy of the impinging particles. To avoid erosion, the energy of the impinging particles needs to be dissipated in an effective manner. Hard materials tend to be erosion resistant because of their high specific strength. But even hard materials are affected by impacting particles. Each time a particle strikes, some of the energy is dissipated by forming micro cracks in the hard material. Eventually the micro cracks link up and the surface of the hard material essentially shatters coming off in little chips.

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